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An owner operated small business specialising in regular and one off residential lawn mowing and clean-ups Domestic and Commercial. More than happy to do a one off jobs or to fit you into a regular fortnightly mow in the summer, reducing frequency during the winter months and the dry periods.
Summer is nearly here and the  lawns are still growing because of the extra large rain fall up till now. it’s been a crazy time, cool mornings looks like rain but thats all.  
Photo above, Merv Davis and Molly. Molly is 3 years old now but still a crowd pleaser, she is cool to have around. She is trouble with a capital "T” over 3 now still very much a puppy but always keen to travel with me though sometimes I leave her home because she wants to play chase. When I arrive at some addresses, the first query is "Where is Molly".What's with that she can't even mow lawns.

Merv Sml

Scrub Clearing


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I have traded the Bianni Ferrari ride on and have bought a field mower which covers a wider range of tasks. It comes with slasher deck that can cut tall grasses up to 3 feet high and scrub up to 6 feet high. It fits a 42 inch finish mower deck so it cuts the same width as the ride on did, just means I can use this machine a lot more than the previous the mower which is really exciting for me. 

Please check out the services I offer on the menu to the right.

At Merv's Mowing, I pride myself on a high standard of work, reliability and co-ordination with all of my customers so there are no surprises. I like to meet with you to ensure that we are on the same page and I can deliver the results you want.

Tis the season for tidying properties

To be fair it hasn’t stopped.
It's taken a while to get the business up and running but have managed to find four property allies in Christchurch Rentals (regular), Harvey's Realty, Harcourts Pheonix and more recently Astute Property Management as well as my regulars, most of these entail cleanups as you can see in the gallery section. At the moment I have so much work on, the thought of taking on a part timer doesn't sound like a dumb idea but I will persist.

Most of the phone calls I receive are referrals and people who tell me "My gardens are overgrown….” So glad I bought the Stihl combi set (Pole saw, hedge trimmer and line trimmer) it makes storage on the ute bearable. Makes working easier and very reliable. I have most tools I need now including a Walk behind mower and my pride and joy atom edger.

Please view my gallery to see the results.

A standard lawn mow includes; mowing, edge-trimming and clean up of clippings.  There is a minimum charge of $30 for a lawn, however larger areas are charged at my hourly rate. 

There may be an extra charge for off-site disposal.  If your green bin is available for use, there will be no disposal fee and it will SAVE YOU DOLLARS

 Also available: Hedge trimming and site clearing. The standard rate is $50 an hour.

Walk behind mower is available for the bigger projects at $60 and hour.

Although based in Sydenham, Christchurch, I will service a wider area of Christchurch.

Highly recommend
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for those huge awkward projects you find daunting

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